The most important step in kitchen remodeling

September 28, 2023 by
Rebekah Black

Kitchens are known to serve a range of purposes. If we take away the basics – serving as a place to eat, store and cook our food – we can refer to the kitchen as one of the special rooms in the home. You will need to set your goals for the design of your kitchen in a way that appeals to your lifestyle. For instance, if you are not used to cooking at home, the choices you will make regarding floor and appliances will be different from those of a large family with growing children to consider, or a couple that loves to cook gourmet entrees.

Before you set out to start remodeling your kitchen, you should first define your lifestyle. What are those appliances and accessories that appeal to you and what would like to see in the kitchen? Do you have specific designs of surfaces or cabinets on your wish list? What will your daily activities in the kitchen look like? In what areas do you need to beef up the functionality of your kitchen? What would be the best option if you were to consider your current space?

By visualizing everything in your mind you will avoid most of the mistakes people make and plan your kitchen perfectly.

One thing we need to understand is that the kitchen is now considered to be a household hub rather than just another utilitarian space. Aside from the fact we want our kitchen to serve all of our purposes, we also want it to offer an appealing backdrop for everything that goes in there.

The kitchen is part of the home where people love to gather, so it’s important that we make it beautiful and functional.

Modern kitchens deliver a lot more than their traditional counterparts.

And that might require a complete re-evaluation of the traditional work triangle: stove, sink, and refrigerator. Now, it’s a growing trend for designers to plan kitchens based on activity zones or centers.


In your kitchen, you should have work zones in place for the following:

  • Food: there should be provision for storing food such as frozen and refrigerated foods, non-perishable items, and groceries.
  • Dishes: there should be a dedicated space for things such as glasses, dishes, and cutlery, as well as some “odd items” like scissors or desk items.
  • Cleaning: there should be a section for waste management and recycling, with trash cans and bins, and a space for cleaning household items already in place.
  • Food Preparation: there should be provision for a work area, where there is easy access to cutting boards, knives, mixing bowls, utensils, small appliances, etc.
  • Cooking: this includes areas for cooling racks, pans, bakeware, pots, etc.


Furthermore, you might need spaces for the following activities in a kitchen:

  • Entertaining: this might include an island or bar area, with stools for people to sit for dinners or cocktails. It might also include a lounge with chairs and a low table where people can relax and have a conversation.
  • Dining: this is a place where the whole family can sit and have breakfast together and can also host dinners there.
  • Working (Home Office): This could be either a dedicated workstation or other concealed features for a drop-down touch-screen computer. While the cabinets, countertops, flooring, and hardware may seem like an obvious place to start your kitchen design, space planning, usage, and themes are ultimately where you want to begin to endure that your kitchen design or remodel is highly functional as well as beautiful.
Rebekah Black September 28, 2023
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