Flooring that delivers profits & durability for home investors

May 10, 2023 by
Rebekah Black

Whether you are a long time real estate investor or tackling your first rehab, understanding the best flooring approaches for your properties can not only enhance the appeal to perspective renters, but can also ensure low maintenance costs and is profit friendly.

Investors we speak with are asking for a proven product that maximizes ROI and delivers stunning results that are both durable and offer excellent lifetime value.


Having a floor that is easy to clean, is not damaged by water and spills, and is extremely durable, is a must in any rental property, specifically in the following spaces: - Entryways - Living spaces - Dining rooms - Kitchens and bathrooms

Based on this, laminate and real hardwood are simply not a long-term choice as neither one holds up well when exposed to liquids. This leaves tile and vinyl as the best options for hard surface flooring for your rental. While vinyl is routinely used in investment properties and is an inexpensive option for the job, it does have shortcomings. Expansion and contraction issues as well as sensitivity to uneven substrates often found in older homes. Vinyl can also show scratches when damaged.

Looking at tile, it has been a popular choice for decades. In the past investors used regular square stone tile throughout the house for durability. The primary drawback is that it can give the home an industrial look that lacks warmth and uniqueness. Ultimately, your rental should have the same quality look as you desire for your personal home.


Wood-look tile provides the warm, inviting visual that hardwood floors offer. In recent years, especially here in D/FW, using hardwood flooring throughout has been a popular trend even in kitchens and baths. By using wood look tile you get the best of both worlds, the perfect look with the needed durability. Another benefit is by using the same floor in all of the rooms makes for a more efficient installation.

Additional advantages of wood look tile, aside from the visual appeal and durability, is the fact that it does not require acclimation and will not expand or contract over time. Since it is set in mortar, minor imperfections in the slab do not cause the same issues they do with vinyl. While we are all looking for the perfect tenant, you have to prepare your investment property for worst-case scenarios.



When first introduced to the market wood look tile was manufactured using traditional glazing methods, limiting the ability to get a true look of real wood flooring. Today with the advances of inkjet printing, all of the detailed aesthetics found in natural wood are applied to the tile. The process is similar to your inkjet printer at home but on a much larger scale. Manufacturers take actual images of real wood flooring and apply them directly to the tile. In many cases, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between the two without touching the floor.

Investors that are seeking to maximize value while providing a great look in their properties are choosing our recommended hard surface of choice with wood look tile. Wood-look tile offers the inviting visual of wood flooring with the durability of tile. The recent advances in manufacturing technology have not only made for a much better aesthetic look but lower prices as well.


As for the bedrooms, carpet is still the go-to choice for investors. The most popular is a basic frieze or plush look in 18-35 oz. weight. Also, choose the following for the best results: - Choose a carpet with a fleck multicolor look to hide stains - Polyester carpet provides greater stain resistance - Polyester is less expensive compared to nylon

Carpet gives the home a much more inviting look which can lead to quicker rentals.

With routine professional carpet cleaning, you will get years of service from your carpets. Over time, you might change out the carpet between tenants, but this will keep your property fresh and updated.

The BOSS has a huge inventory of both the latest wood-look tiles and carpet priced right for use in an investment. Our highly trained staff can help you in picking not only the right floor with the perfect look, but we can put you in touch with a pro installer to complete the job. Since we deal with the best installers in DFW, you can cut out the retail install markup and save by choosing the installer yourself.

Rebekah Black May 10, 2023
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