Is Black The NEW Black?

May 14, 2024 by
Rebekah Black

(Photo courtesy of BuildTX Solutions.)

For the last 10 years (at least), the white farmhouse look has been the go-to style when it comes to the housing market. We can probably thank Chip and Joanna Gaines for the waves of white that have infiltrated our neighborhoods. Whether it’s an older house or a brand-new build, white is THE look, right?

Well, there might just be a new player in town. The color black. Everywhere we look, black houses are popping up all over DFW.

But is this a new trend? Sort of.

In reality, this isn’t the first-time darker home colors have been popular. Before white, we definitely went through a gray phase. And if we go back even further, darker colors or more nature-inspired colors were used in mid-century architecture. So, when you see a more modern home with black brick, showing off a sleek and sophisticated contrast to the surrounding landscape…that is a nod to the modernist era.

Black isn’t the only trend who’s coming in hot for 2024, exposed cedar is HUGE too! Specifically with a black exterior. Not too many people out there want an all-black house. It might be just a little too dark. So typically, we see exposed cedar siding or beams showing off their natural color against the dark brick, adding warmth and texture. Again, another nod to those mid-century vibes.

As the title says, “Is Black the NEW Black?” Is it here to stay or is it just another fleeting trend? Only time will tell.  

Rebekah Black May 14, 2024
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